Casual Normalcy


I’m wasting my time.

Not quite in the way you may think, but I am letting the limited time I am being given slip away. For things that are completely out of my control.

And I can’t do that anymore.

I just need to be present and let things go back to normal, while still making all the necessary changes and healing that have to happen. So I don’t hurt people anymore.

We do normal together really well.

So I’m going to be grateful and appreciative of the time our family has together.

Things are just going to be. Fighting what is going on is just creating a lot of anger and pain, and creating bigger divides.

Can’t do it anymore. I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted. We’ve got to stop. We are wasting time arguing when we could just be happy and content by doing what we normally do, and keeping a friendship between us.

It’s separated. Being your friend is what is most important to me because you are not wanting anything more. So it’s separated.

Things just need to be casual between us.


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