Care Vs Control


I’ve been in a few situations these last five weeks where my past has confused the present.

It usually comes down to what I am doing because I care, versus what I am doing because I want control.

Manipulation can often look like care.

I found a great quote that I wanted to share.

“There’s only one way to know the difference between care and control. Is someone giving you care in the way you want to better you? Or are they doing it to make you more comfortable and convenient for them?”

I think my actions are starting to speak for themselves. Granted, it’s only just a small whisper now, usually drown out by the loudness of my past, but they are fighting to be louder.

Nearly everything I do now comes from a place of love. I don’t care about controlling anyone or anything. I just want to be. In the moment with my loved ones.

So am I being controlling or am I showing care?

I know the answer, but I can’t answer for you. I can’t speak for you. All I can do is show you my heart and leave it to you to decide.


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