I never knew a safe place until I looked into your eyes.

It’s why when you talk I look so intently in them. I’m not staring, I’m falling deep into the comfort of your amber eyes.

They shine like the fresh rays of sunlight on a brand new day. They pull me in like the gentleness of a fire, providing warmth and comfort.

There is a sparkle that makes me believe that magic is real and fairy tales are truths passed down through generations.

I may not be able to touch you, but I see you. Through your eyes I see the pain, the hurt, and the rejection. But I see the love, and kindness, and forgiveness that prevails.

I know no one else sees you the way that I do, and they never will. I see all of the emotions that you carry, but I also see the memories. And I see the dreams.

You look away and feel uneasy because it’s something I didn’t do often before. But I’ve had to learn to adapt and show up in new ways. I’ve always seen you. But now I am seeing you in a whole new way.

The more I see you, the more beautiful you are.

You have always made me feel safe when I look in your eyes. I am working on providing that same safety when you look into mine.

So for now, I will fall into those amber eyes and be gentle with the truths, pains and happiness that they carry.


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